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Hand-drawn poster honouring The Lumineers, the American alternative folk band's founding members are Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites. The folk-rock band has released plenty of radio-famous titles, their most well-loved ones are named after women, to name a few, Angela, Gloria, Cleopatra and Donna.


This is why the drawing is of a woman, with flowers in her hair, (a tribute to "Flowers in Your Hair" from their debut album - The Lumineers) with the wind covering her face, making her character blank, she can become any of the women in the carefully crafted lyrics.


The fact she is in a car is taken from the narratives of both Angela, whose lyrics speak about looking back at her entire life while driving along with her as she leaves her hometown with the windows down, and Cleopatra, written from the perspective of a taxi driver met on a journey.


Hanging from the rearview mirror accompanying the driver on their destinationless road trip are the dice holding the name of another one of their most popular songs, "Ho, Hey".


Against a beautiful Denver, Colorado backdrop, where the band are based, we can read the band's name on a rollercoaster, inspired by the song of the same name from their latest album, "Brightside", released in 2022.


This was chosen for the visual also because the ballad's raw feelings and emotion sum up many of the narratives in past numbers, full of passion and heart.


What better than a rollercoaster to visually represent the feeling of the unique combination of vulnerability and force, evergreen elements in The Lumineer's lyrics?


The band truly are expert in producing songs that any listener can relate to and make their own on the emotional side, something that they want to hear more of.


They manage to put abstract yet poetic words on powerful feelings such as the dread of missing opportunities in life, nostalgia, heartbreak, the remembrance of being young, having high hopes for life and the fear of leaving something behind. All of these deep emotions can give the same gut sensation and adrenaline produced from the sudden drop in the fairground ride drawn in this print.

The Lumineers Poster

  • - A3 (297mm x 420mm)

Jennifer Gates

Glasgow, UK

"I purchased 2 beautiful posters from Rex Music Prints, they are very high quality, delivery was very speedy and they were very securely packaged too. Highly recommend them!".

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