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We make hand-drawn band posters. These are mostly inspired by our favorite decades, the 60s and 70s, which brought us legends like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and more. 


But great music isn’t extinct. 


These pioneers paved the way for the talented rising stars who are shaping the future of music. That’s why we also spotlight the new generation of artists we love. 



We’re a very small independent business. A tiny one, in fact. There are just two of us: Marilia (that’s me) and Fabio. We’re a French/Brazilian couple based in Lisbon.


We met online, 5871 miles apart, before falling in love in Rio de Janeiro. We lived in London for a while before deciding to build our first home together here in sunny Portugal.


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It’s safe to say that both of us have a lot of musical influences. Fabio used to be a lead singer in a rock band, while I studied at Bournemouth Arts University and have always loved to play records while I draw and escape into the worlds I create on paper. 

Ever since I was little, I’ve doodled this little dinosaur I call Rex. As our tagline, ‘great music isn’t extinct’ emerged, I knew Rex had to be our muse. I’m the artist at Rex Prints and Fabio takes care of everything else. It’s very much a team effort.


There’s something special about physically owning an object that connects you to the music you love, whether that’s a vinyl or a print. I am fascinated by the power these talismans have to take us back to the moments that matter most: to memories of childhood, to great gigs with your best friends, or to special times with the one you love. 


Rex Music Prints are designed to connect you back to the times that are special to you and to bring you even closer to the people and moments that matter. Everything is created with care: with line-drawn art, nostalgic colours and added textures. 


My inspiration comes from old-school posters, vintage typography and the true stories behind the songs. Each Rex Music design is inspired by the band’s history, lyrics, cover art and what they stand for. The final look is sometimes surreal but always has an authentic meaning behind it, which you can find in the description on each product page. 


Of course, you’ll add your own meaning too, and that’s the magic. 

rex music prints music posters
rex music prints bands prints
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