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Hand-drawn poster honouring Paramore and their latest album "This Is Why".


The album's title is inspired by world events. The band says a break allowed them to reflect and think about everything around them.


They realised that during the pandemic, there seemed to be a veil lifted that showed many ugly parts of society, division and hatred.


The band expressed that they would have hoped humans would have found it deep within themselves to be kinder and more empathetic.


But Paramore's disillusionment with the times became the foundation of the song’s lyrics.


I visualise this bafflement, not knowing what's real and what's not, as part of a dark circus representing that particular side of our society. 


A true dystopian show, with manipulations, illusions, dangerous acts and clear cruelty is a metaphor for the dark, selfish reality of recent times.


Paramore are also no stranger to singing about mental health, visualised here in the fragile balancing act of cycling on the wire, suspended in the air.

There is also a sense of hope and freeing your mind - pictured here with doves flying free from the cage.


The talented trio recently changed their logo, from a butterfly to an optical illusion of 3 or 2 columns, representing the band members. Both are present in the illustration, the butterfly carrying the dagger thrower, and the illusion of a cannon.

Paramore Poster

  • - A3 (297mm x 420mm)

    - A2 (420mm x 594 mm)

Jennifer Gates

Glasgow, UK

"I purchased 2 beautiful posters from Rex Music Prints, they are very high quality, delivery was very speedy and they were very securely packaged too. Highly recommend them!".

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